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Couleur Cafe Ole My Cherie Amour

Couleur Cafe Ole My Cherie Amour


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管理番号 221142217001 発売日 2013/03/26 定価 1,995円
メーカー 輸入盤アメリカ 型番 LRTCD-75    


  • 1. My Cherie amour
  • 2. You are the sunshine of my life
  • 3. Golden lady
  • 4. As
  • 5. Isn’t she lovely
  • 6. Overjoyed
  • 7. Superstition
  • 8. I just called to say I love you
  • 9. For your love
  • 10. I wish
  • 11. Ribbon in the sky
  • 12. Another star
  • 13. Ebony and ivory
  • 14. Part time lover
  • 15. For once in my life


(1)My Cherie amour(Taryn Szpilman)(2)You are the sunshine of my life(Eduardo Braga)(3)Golden lady(Barbara Mendes)(4)As(Paulinho Loureiro)(5)Isn’t she lovely(Cris Delanno)(6)Overjoyed(Marcelo Rezende)(7)Superstition(Deco Fiori)(8)I just called to say I love you(Daniela Procopio)(9)For your love(Marcela Mangabeira)(10)I wish(Saloa Farah)(11)Ribbon in the sky(Tahta Menezes)(12)Another star(Mauricio Detoni)(13)Ebony and ivory(Monique Kessous)(14)Part time lover(Rachelle Spring)(15)For once in my life(Bob Tostes) ※〈紙ジャケット仕様〉

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